More than 20 million disbursed for loans, the numbers of trust

Italy accelerates in the Peer to Peer Lending sector and, as the tail light of Europe , prepares its climb in the list of countries that believe in this innovative form of investment.

Lite Capital Lender, leader in Italy in the private loan sector, recorded sustained growth in the second half of 2015, celebrating two important milestones in the last few weeks: exceeding 20 million euros in disbursements (exactly 20,421,930 euros, data updated to 17 November 2015, ed. ) And the achievement of 4 thousand loans. An increase that reflects a greater confidence of Italians in Social Lending.

The social side of money

The social side of money

They invest their money in an innovative way, and with a keen eye on the social. They are the Lite Capital Lender Providers , those who believe in a new, fast, comfortable and smart world, to make their savings bear fruit. Attracted, on the one hand, by interesting returns (on average 5.50%) and, on the other, by the social utility of their choices. In the era of the shared economy , even those who want to earn by investing their money, cannot ignore feeling part of a “network” of people, all interconnected with each other and whose income also becomes beneficial for someone else. This is the social side of Lending. The identikit of the lender Lite Capital Lender. Mostly male, with an average age of 44 and a half years, he mostly lives in the North (57.04%).

This is the typical profile of the Lite Capital Lender lender which has about 6,000 Lenders

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With an average investment duration of just over 33 months, the typical lender invests in Lite Capital Lender about 3,890 euros, receiving a return that depends on various factors on which the lender has a wide freedom of choice: from the risk profile to the duration of the loan. All quickly and online.

Free to choose

Becoming a Lite Capital Lender lender is very simple, just register on the online platform at www.Lite Capital , establish the amount you want to lend, the yield you want to obtain and the duration of the loan (12, 24, 36 or 48 months). Once registration is complete, the offer is divided between 50 different applicantsaccording to their risk profile. In fact, after carefully examining its ability to repay the debt, the platform assigns the applicant a rating, that is, a judgment on its level of reliability.

The Provider can monitor the movements of its payment account

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At any time, and in full autonomy, withdraw the sums already reimbursed or automatically put them back on loan. These are the stages that characterize the path of the Lenders who at each step are accompanied by the Lite Capital Lender team ready to respond to every need or to also operate the Lender Protection Fund.

What matters is, in fact, to expand the community of those who believe in Social Lending because, in this extraordinary form of peer to peer loan, trust is the engine of this revolution which, before financial, is cultural.

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